Rookery Meadow Carp Fishery


We have chosen to use the “Awesome Red Squid” on Rookery Meadow as we believe this is superb bait. These are also available along with a quality pellet to purchase on request when booking. We are honoured to be in association with BM BAITS and look forward to many years of working with them.

Take care

Kev White



A young and up and coming bait firm which already has many good catches to its name, including a number of fish from many difficult waters. Stu and Tom are the owners of BM BAITS and are striving to produce good quality baits that benefit the fish as much as the angler.


Here is the lodge that overlooks the lake, this is ideal for socialising and offers basic amenities.

The lake is bookable for a week at a time, or anything from 2-6 days.


Places to go fishing near London

If you love nature and enjoy sitting there and just feeling the time passing by, but also love animals and want to do something new, then you will have to start fishing and become an angler. It will make you feel like being one with the nature, but you will at the same time feel superior and able to do something with your own hands in order to survive out there. In case you live near or in London you will see that there are some quite good and interesting places to visit and go fishing at.

As long as you have a fishing license and know what you are doing, you can enjoy and take advantage of the rich shoals of different fish species in London's ponds, reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

The art of fishing

Everyone who has tried to catch fishes with a fishing rod knows that it is not an easy job. A pretty big set of skills and knowledge is required to make the fish get caught on you hook. Today many people imagine fishing as standing or sitting on the riverside, putting worms on a hook and throwing it in the water, waiting a few minutes and taking the fish out of the water by just pulling the fishing rod. It is not like that at all. It requires a big set of skills and even more patience and concentration to be able to catch a fish.

In and near London you can try out your fishing skills on many places. One of those is Tooting Common Pond in Wansworth in London. This fishing venue is quite popular and you will not be alone there, for sure. The fish species you can expect to catch there are Bream, Carp, Gudgeon, Perch and Roach. You will need to apply for a permit to fish here, and you will pay from 65 or 85 pounds, depending on your age for the season that lasts from June until March next year. Very close to it there is a place you can get an London escort from that can make you company in case you are alone there.

Bedfont Lakes in Feltham, Hounslow, London are also a popular destination for anglers. There are nine lakes located on an area of 180 acres and all they have a good fish population. The species you can expect to get caught on your hook at the Bedfont Lakes are the same as at Tooting Common Pond, but only instead Gudgeon it is more likely to get a Tench on your hook.

Clapham Common Ponds in Clapham in London are one more beautiful place to enjoy your evening while fishing in London. But if you like not to be disturbed while you are fishing, then you should better pick another place, because it can get quite crowded here during the season. Bream, Carp and Crucian Carp, Perch and Roach are the ones you will most likely get on your hook here.

Close to the Royal Albert Hall in London you can find a small lake called the Shadwells Pool. It is about 1.5 acres big and has quite something to offer for every angler, both beginner and professional. Besides other usual species in this area you can also expect Eels to get caught on your hook. This is the perfect piece of nature in the heart of London and that is why it is a little more expensive and has quite a few rules to be followed.